Malaysia, sister trip

I’ve written a short conclusion of what you should Go in Malaysia.
You can skip all of the nonsense stories and just read the conclusion at the end.



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This trip has just me and my older sister, Mink.
Which, you know what, we’ve never travelled together before. (not include the family trip when we were young)
Even we are sister and look just like a twin, we have almost nothing in common.
She has a super sweet taste while I am more boyish.
If compare us to color I must be yellow and she must be pink.
and… you know “sisterhood”, that’s mean we fight a lot over many nonsense things. Lol.
So at first I wonder if we are going to get along well during the trip? or it will be a war.
but at the end of the day, the trip turn out great. It’s a warm and funny trip : )


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