Another step of me on my 24th

I’ve been promoted to “Data Analytics Manager”
Another big thing that happens to me in an age of 24 : )

From the very first position ‘Marketer & Merchandiser’ in Saha Group.
to A.E. in an advertising agency.
to Marketing Planner as a Freelance.
to the world of Data as a Data Analyst in the 2nd year of working.
to now ‘Data Analytics Manager’. I’m so Excited!
And so over the moon of what I’m doing.

Another step for me to grow up. New role, more responsibility. I still think I’m not ready for this role yet but if not now, when? This will push me to grow up eventually. If I’m waiting for the readiness, when will I gonna step out, right? It’s been a week now and I’m so excited to have my first subordinator and my own team : )

When I look back, I think I’ve walked along an unusual way to be right here. Like some quote that “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come” and I’m surprised every time I look back for the changing point of my life, It happens every time I’ve made a wired decision like quit the job and go travel alone aboard without plan in that same day. I’ve come quite far from the day I’m in the box but still not far enough.

24 years on earth now and there are still so much more in this world for me to know, to learn and grow.
“I just hope that I’m gonna be crazy enough to do something worth this life”