Malaysia, sister trip

I’ve written a short conclusion of what you should Go in Malaysia.
You can skip all of the nonsense stories and just read the conclusion at the end.


This trip was just me and my older sister, Mink.
Which, you know what, we’ve never traveled together before. (not include the family trip when we were young)
Even we are sister and look just like a twin, we have almost nothing in common.
She has a super sweet taste while I am more boyish.
If compare us to the color I must be yellow and she must be pink.
and… you know “sisterhood”, that’s mean we fight a lot over many nonsense things. Lol.
So at first, I wonder if we are going to get along well during the trip? or it will be a war.
but at the end of the day, the trip turns out great. It’s a warm and funny trip : )


Petronas Tower

Malaysia’s landmark.

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China town

Having fun walking and tasting much Chinese food.

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Central Market

Old market. You can take a walk inside the building or in the alleyway aside the building.

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Take a walk around.

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Genting Highland

I take a train to Genting Highland but I warn you not to go there if the purpose is not about the Casino. Cause it really has nothing…

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Chinswee Temple

(Temple on the mountain)

Chinese temple in the fog located up on the mountain.
Should come here before 11 AM cause it’ll be the best time for the temple to reveal its beauty.
Here is not far from Genting, you can take a bus from there.

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CONCLUSION of where to go in Malaysia.


Petronas tower and the malls in town eg. pavilion, Central Market, China town.
Jamek Mosque (before 4 PM), Genting (Casino), Chinswee Temple


Penang is the Pearl of the Orient. George Town is a capital city.
Be known at wall art, beautiful bridge and the artist of the town.


The must is the pink Masjid “Masjid Putra”
and the Perdana Putra. It is the Prime Minister’s Department Complex housing.


Malacca is a historic colonial town. It is in a UNESCO World Heritage list. Should stay here for a night if you like the historical.