Yoko seyama light art exhibition

Yoko Seyama | Saiyah #2.3

Crawling Spectrum

Yoko Seyama

Saiyah #2.3

“remind me of a moving sunbeam in a less of a living soul.”

In the large empty room, There are only machines that move slowly in the middle of the room. With the beam moving slowly around refracted each other, born a new color beam.
It spelled, enchanted, thrown us back or forth and let we interpreted variously.

Yoko Seyama –Saiyah #2.3 (creation 2017)
(Opening of “Unfolding Kafka Festival 2017”)
Dates: November 3 – 12, 2017
hours: 13:00 – 19:00 pm
Type: Installation / Kinetic light sculpture