Korea in film

Korea : 35mm

It was my 2nd time in Korea. I was with my long-lost friend, Mojo. We didn’t do many things and didn’t go to many places. But what do I need more if I have my best friend and a good beer? Two things I need the most at this moment.

Lately, I feel like five thousand things are running into my mind at the same time.
I’m getting too attached to things I believe. Worried about what will I be. Then I realized that we aren’t designed to stick to only one path. Humans are free-flowing, always moving, always changing. One moment we can be so happy and the next we can be so hopeless. As are our beliefs, feeling and everything else.

I shouldn’t force everything to be exactly like what I believe. I’ll stop being fearful of an unpredictable future. I’ll stop making an excuse. I’ll Be brave, be bold and at the same time, be humble. I’m not ready for 2017 yet, But I’ll do my best. Let’s see what else I could be.

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shooting info :
*Cam : Olympus μ [mju:] ZOOM115 *
Lens : 38-115mm
Film : Fuji-xtra-400