Food art How to make Ginger Granita

The Art Of Savouring & Food Art

The Art of Savouring

is about experiencing simple things in life through our five human senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Amid the current busy lifestyles, one should get a chance to enjoy the small moments to savor beautiful experiences through their senses.

Since I falling hard for the aesthetic appreciation of food, or I may call it ‘food art’ for years, Now my dream comes true. I’ve been doing the marketing for one dessert brand, and by this, I appoint ‘me’ to be a producer and the Food stylist myself. (cuz there is just me, me and me, and the cost of professional food stylist and a producer is quite a cost).

Food art How to make Ginger Granita

The food art

is not just the visualize it is all about making it, just like fine art. Finding great ingredients, well prepared, the unique tip for each person (the part I was mostly having fun to know) to make the texture, the smell, the taste good and remarkable : )

Food art basic vanilla cake
Food art basic vanilla cake

Marketer ,Producer and Food stylist.

This job is another step of trying something new that I’m not familiar with.
And I can tell that is such an experience,
very fun and challenging.


Every of who involved that encouraged me to do this :))
Love every moment with you guys.

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