Singapore, best place to try your solo trip.

SINGAPORE – The real alone trip

Everything happens so fast

It’s so funny, yesterday I still worked like crazy and now I found myself walking here alone.

Celebrate my 22 with my first-time solo abroad.
Solo traveling is great. I can go whenever and wherever I want. I can just stop when I feel like.
Sleep when I feel lazy, Rest when I feel tired and I can change the plan at any time too.  So free!

The trouble..

  1. I quit my job and book a trip to Singapore on the last day of the work.
  2. The last day of the work was so freaking load! so I have no time to finish the plan for the trip.
  3. I took the fully-charged Power bank with me but I forgot the charger home. so I can not use the map or the internet.
  4. I’ve already printed the hotel booking information before the boarding time but.. I forget it at the airport…
    5. So I had to plan everything at the Singapore airport T-T


But at least I can pass through all of these, and the manual map was incredibly amazing!
singapore mithuna27

What to eat in Singapore?

Ya Kun Kaya toast
It is the breakfast of Chinese people in the past. I really like the taste, the smell, and the texture of the Ya Kun.
Eat together with tea or coffee and the soft-boiled egg that you have to scramble it and putting some soy sauce.
The bread of the Ya Kun toast is slim and very crispy which is so good together with the Ya Kun Kaya
(If you like the Kaya, you can buy the jar of it home but to find the perfect bread to eat with is very hard)

**Sticky rice dumplings with ginger syrup **
The sticky rice dumpling filled with black sesame which ready to gush out when you bite it.
Ya Kun Ka Ya Singapore desert

**Street Waffle Ice-cream **
The one in front of the City Hall MRT station is the best (I like the ‘sweet corn’ flavor)

singapore icecream sweet corn

**Char koay teow
**Almost the same as Pad-Thai but I prefer Pad-Thai. So if you have ever tasted the Pad-Thai and you don’t like it, you can skip this one to Laksa.

The best one is “328 Katong Laksa” around 5-7 SGD
“Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa” and “Janggut Laksa” is way so good too.

Char koay teow and Katong LaksaDimsum
Super great especially ‘Xiao Long Bao’ it is the dumpling that has soup inside. (beware of the tongue burn. Make sure it cooling down before eat)
You can find the Dimsum around the town but this one is ‘Yum Cha Restaurant’ at China town


  • Chicken Rice
    / Boon Tong Kee at Balestier is the most famous one.
    / Ming Kee Chicken rice or aka. ‘Bishan Cold Chicken Rice’. You may have to queue for 30 mins but it is worth waiting for. The identity of this restaurant is the ‘cold served chicken boasts’. Why cold?  Once the chicken is cooked, they’ll dunk it in ice water and it will be left there for a minute until it is ready to be chopped. Doing like that creates a jelly under the skin so it is flavorful and taste even better when you eat together with some steaming rice. (at ‘Bishan’ open : ~5-8PM price : 3-6 SGD)
  • **Chilli crab **
    / Long Beach Seafood, /Jumbo Seafood, /No Signboard Seafood
    / Mellben Seafood (at Ang Mo Kio) well-known menus are Chilli Crab, Bee Hoon Soup Crab, and the Creamy butter Crab.
  • **Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶 )
    **It is a Chinese Herbal Broth with Pork Ribs. It is a Chinese Malaysian dish but it also famous here too. Better together with boiled pea, Pork Leg Stew or deep-fried dough stick.
    / Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup Eating House, /Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, /Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant
    / Marsiling – Faraway and take an effort to go but worth it. (at Marsiling Road Block 19)
  • **Egg tart
    / Tong Heng Confectionery (285 South Bridge Rd), /Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries (18 Jalan Membina)
  • **Singapore Sling
    **/ Long Bar is the place where you have to go there once when you go to Singapore. Order the ‘Singapore sling’ and shelling your free pea nuts and just throwing your broken shells all over the floor as everybody does. (warning: be ready for the price >.<)

So now, Where to go in Singapore?Little india in singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Apart from taking pictures with the Merlion, the night at Marina Bay Sands was so incredibly chill! There was a live band playing in the open hall nearby and it was really good. You can take your time here waiting for the ‘WonderFull – Light & Water Spectacular’ You have to be at the Marina Bay Sands side to watch the Water Show, and for the **Light Show **you have to be across the bay to watch it.  (Time: 8 pm and the 2nd round is 9.30pm)

Marina Bay Sands2

China Town

Night Street and Food!
Dimsum, Sticky Rice Dumpling, Egg tart and many more for you to choose on this street both day time and night time!
And there is a ‘Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’ nearby to make a wish too.

china town singapore2

china town singapore3

Little India

You can take a metro for a few stops and feel like you are in a different country and you can taste Indian food at extremely affordable prices. Food, temple and the colorful buildings surely diverge from the rest of the Singaporean places.

little india singaporechina-town-singapore

Garden By The Bay

There are Flower dome and Forest dome both magnificent for one who loves plants. The must-see is the lightning show on the trees at night (close time is 9 PM)

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Boat Quay & Clarke Quay

Not far away from each other. Best place to drink, chill and enjoy the view at the evening time. You can find many good restaurants and bars along the side of the Singapore River. Boat Quay is quieter than Clarke Quay, If you don’t want the louder noise this is the best spot for you.
Boat Quay singapore


Don’t miss the Luge & Sky ride when you come to Sentosa. Here also have a Universal studio, Water park, Aquarium, Fun park, and Casino.sentosa singapore aquarium singapore

– End –

I can recommend Singapore to everyone who what to take a first solo trip. So easy to travel, the food is great and variety, The city is clean, the transportation system is well organized and also a very safe place to start your solo trip.the end of the solo trip in singapore